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Aging Gracefully Southern Style by Lady Sweet TeaI have to admit, although we might snicker or laugh, many women become concerned as we begin to see the signs of aging. I can tell you that aging in itself is both good and bad. I personally would never go back to my 20 something self again. Not without a lot of editorial revisions. :-) So sometimes aging is not such a bad thing after all.

That being said, I remember the day I woke up and saw my mother’s hands at the end of my arms. Ok, not exactly, because my mother has beautiful long slender fingers and graceful hands. Mine are like my grandmother’s hands, short and stubby. But I will say I can grow great nails.

Then one night, behind my back, several veins popped out, flesh became loose, and my skin wrinkled up and sunk down at the same time. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, and I wanted the fearfully part just to go away and fast.

Anyway, there has been a couple of other aging signs along the way but I will be honest they didn’t become an issue until my husband passed away. We were aging together. And that is the best way to journey as far as I am concerned. But my life is different, and as you know, I am taking my own journey, “Aging Gracefully Southern Style”.

I was not only intrigued but really thankful that my Jennifer's blogfriend Jennifer (@epodcaster) began a “Health, Fitness, Beauty Quest” just before I moved to San Antonio. Her quest is different but similar to mine and being the quintessential social media guru, she decided to share her quest with the world and anyone who wanted to travel along. Check out her blog at for more information about her journey. As part of her fitness activities, she just finished the Martindale Triathlon. Can I say, “Oh, My Goodness”…

ContourLase FacebookFor the “Beauty” portion of her quest, she has partnered with her customer ContourLase Body Institute. Last week she had her first Dermapen® with PRP treatment. Not only did Jennifer invite all her social friends to come to the event but she also live streamed the treatment. It was a chance to see just a normal woman, not a star or a famous politician, undergoing these beauty treatments. It also gave all of us an opportunity to find out just what these treatments were like. And she posted her face online for the world to see. Brave Jennifer.Lady Sweet Tea watching Jennifer receive Dermapen® with PRP treatmentLady Sweet Tea watching Jennifer receive Dermapen® with PRP treatment

Not only did we watch the treatment but the staff at ContourLase Body Institute spent time explaining everything in layman’s terms. Dr. Mozersky also took the time to answer the more technical questions. And then…

Jennifer’s treatment.Lady Sweet Tea watching Jennifer receive Dermapen® with PRP treatment

Lady Sweet Tea watching Jennifer receive Dermapen® with PRP treatmentThe Dermapen® with PRP treatment requires 3 appointments before you see the final results. I did see Jennifer the next day at the grand opening of Koolaches. A bakery opened by Jennifer’s mom, Nelda Cooling. Not to get distracted but the sausage and cheese kolaches and the cherry kolaches are exquisitely delicious.

Ok, back to Jennifer. I do think that you could already see some differences in Jennifer’s skin. Not sure if that was just a little puffiness from the procedure that smoothed things out, but her face did seem to glow a bit even on Saturday. I really can’t wait to see her after the 3rd treatment.

Jennifer’s quest is all about discovering her own definition of health, fitness and beauty. All of those words mean something different to each of us and mean something different depending on our age. I will have to say, she has been very serious about her commitment to trying things out. I know that kayaking, as well as any type of body sculpting, is probably not in my future anytime soon, maybe never.

Lady Sweet TeaBut, can I admit that, if I had an unlimited pocketbook, I just might be tempted? Like Jennifer, I too am on a journey. Aging Gracefully Southern Style has its own health, fitness, and beauty components, with a splash of sweet tea thrown in.

Are you on a unique journey of your own? I would love to hear about your journey and how you are doing. Please feel free to share in the comments below if your life as a Baby Boomer is changing or maybe the journey is different than you thought it would be. Or maybe it’s what you always envisioned. Which ever it turns out to be, I would love to hear from you.


As always, I wish each of you,

Happy Sipping,
Lady Sweet Tea
Aging Gracefully Southern Style

Lady Sweet Tea

Lady Sweet Tea is a youngish baby boomer widow who is learning new ways of living and seeking out new adventures as she explores Aging Gracefully Southern Style.

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2 Responses to Dermapen® with PRP

  1. Barbara says:

    Thank God I am not an “envisioner”! (which doesn’t appear to even be a word). I generally don’t think ahead to the future, much to the frustration of some my children.
    I tend to take things in stride, and love planning trips and some things “last minute”. I’d rather take advantage of a fun moment on the run than skip it because I didn’t have a plan.
    But, quite honestly, I haven’t given any thought to getting older. Sure, I see the wrinkles on my face when I look in the mirror. I used to watch the Miss America contest and wonder how those young woman could have such perfect bodies and faces. I realized those days were NEVER coming my way.

    I’m not complaining, just being realistic here. I don’t dye my hair because I’m lucky and do not have grey hair yet. That seems to run on the maternal side of my family. My mother didn’t show grey until later in life, and I have photos of my grandmother with no grey as well.
    Perhaps the grey moment will be a wake up call for me…..who knows?

    I will admit that I have changed our eating style here. We rarely eat beef now, and salads are quite frequent. Less sugar because I just don’t bake like I did when I had 4 children at home. (Except for holidays and family visits.) That’s probably better for us anyway.

    And, the absolutely BEST part of aging is being a grandparent. People would always tell me how wonderful the experience was, but “seeing is believing” can’t be argued here! It was worth all of the effort getting to this point!

    Stay young! Your photo looks great!

  2. You are so right Barbara, I wait in anticipation of grandparent days as the very best part of aging. And although I haven’t met all your grandchildren, your pictures sure show a cute bunch. :-)

    But my life has changed and now I have to be in the workplace competing with much younger people. And for women, grey is not a sign of distinction, it is a sign of being old.

    Jennifer has several more treatments that I will be following. I am glad I had an opportunity to really see how the treatments are performed and watch the results. Plus the treatments are non-invasive and easy to do. And relatively easy on your pocketbook.

    For some, it is a win, win, situation. And it is always fun to have people tell you how good you look.

    Thanks so much for the complements. I always love hearing from you.

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