Scrapbooking for the Rest of Us

I finally have embarked on the biggest family project I have ever tackled before. I always knew I would eventually get around to putting pictures and memorabilia in albums. However, life kept intruding. We moved quite a bit for my husband’s job. My husband and I operated several small businesses on the side of his “regular” job. We were always hoping that one of them would hit it big enough to be our “only” income.

All of these activities never seemed to leave time to get out the photos, spread out the fancy papers and the die cuts and letters and build family albums. I am sure many stories will be lost or told incorrectly as I don’t have the most detail oriented brain. This could be a sign of aging but thankfully I can say that I have never been a detail person. Big picture and long winded explanations, yes that’s me.

The first box (of about 20) that I opened had stuff from 1995.

My son John and his cousin Jordan were 5 years old John's 1995 picture for Scrapbooking project.and we were in Oklahoma for Jordan’s graduation from Kindergarten. Aren’t they just the cutest?John & Jordan picture for Scrapbooking project.









Hard to believe these boys will be 24 this year.  Time sure flies fast when you’re living it.

Ah well, regrets aside, I have at least faithfully kept photos and mementos of the last 29 years of my life. I also have tons of my family’s stuff. My mother was always careful to get multiple copies of important family events so that my brother and I had our own copies.

Gather Your Scrapbooking Supplies

Ok, confession time. I have always considered myself artistically challenged. But I am determined to cultivate this part of my brain and to build beautiful scrapbooks. Never say it is too late to learn new things. Jump right in and you will see just how warm the water is. Oh, no, its freezing… (Just kidding :-) ) Anyway, I have my cricut machine, 71OhEIxxGiL._SL1500_my scrap book papers, my pictures, my special scissors, my special inks, and various other sundries, and off I go on this new adventure. My goal is to get them all done in 2 years.

What’s Your Project?

Is there some project you would love to get finished but feel overwhelmed because you don’t think you can do it? Or it is so large (yikes, I have 20 packing boxes to put into albums) that you feel you can’t finish? Well, it won’t get done on its own and think about the beautiful new skill or new project you will acquire and get started. I don’t care if you are 50 or 75. Aging Gracefully is finding new things to keep your mind sharp, new skills to keep your interests current, and new gifts to share with others.

And who knows, I might actually get good enough and organized enough to keep it up as John’s family grows. Anything is possible…

I hope your day today is just as fun filled as mine is going to be.

Happy Sipping,
Lady Sweet Tea
Aging Gracefully Southern Style

P. S. I got some tea from my sister-in-law for Christmas and the orange spice black tea is one of my new favorites.

Lady Sweet Tea

Lady Sweet Tea is a youngish baby boomer widow who is learning new ways of living and seeking out new adventures as she explores Aging Gracefully Southern Style.

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4 Responses to Scrapbooking for the Rest of Us

  1. Good luck on this adventure in memories. I have a CriCut too. Does yours use the cartridges or is it one of the newer models?

  2. I have the CriCut mini which attaches to the computer. I use the downloadable stuff off the website. I am trying to make sure I do something every week but it is a monumental task.

  3. CarinaK says:

    What a wonderful picture! The trip down memory lane is so sweet!

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