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2013-07-19 13.39.28 Given all the electronic equipment I now own it is frustrating to have to admit that the small pc tablet I bought a couple of years ago is just not big enough to do much work. If you follow me on face book or twitter, you know that John and I left Bristol Friday for Houston. Because of my back problems and my arthritis issues we decided to break the trip into 3 days. John was so nice, given most men’s desire to get in the car and get to their destination as quickly as possible, he agreed we could also do something fun each day of the trip.

Friday’s fun activity was to visit Stonehaus Winery in Crossville, TN. We both tasted a few of their wines and I ended up buying some terrific Pinot Gris and Moonlight Cab. The Moonlight Cab is a very dry red and the Pinot Gris is a very dry white. We also bought some very aged cheddar to snack on in the car. It was an eye opening experience as John was not sure he would like an aged cheese but we both loved it.

You know there are places you visit that are fun
me and Amanda and places you want to visit over and over again. Stonehaus Winery fits into the “over and over again” category. I met two new friends: Jessica and Amanda. Jessica works in the gift shop and Amanda works at the tasting bar. They were both friendly and knowledgeable and went out of their way to make sure we had a great time at the Winery.:-)

To honor the 20th anniversary of the winery, Stonehaus published a wonderful magazine detailing their history and interesting biographies of the owners. Stonehaus Winery 2 According to the magazine, the winery is currently family owned and operated and was established in 1991. The current owners, Bob and Belle Ramsey and their family, opened the winery with Tennessee legend Fay and Kathy Wheeler plus a couple of other investors.

Stonehaus Fay Wheeler Fay Wheeler is known as the “Grandfather of Tennessee Wineries” because he worked tirelessly to help create laws which would encourage grape growing and commercial winemaking. He worked with Judge William O. Beach of Clarksville but Mr. Wheeler credits Bob Ramsey (who was an attorney at the time) with the task of “keeping them all out of jail” so that it became legal to make and sell wine in Tennessee.

I have to admit our first road trip “fun stop” was just that — loads of fun. The winery is located on I-40 and is very easy to find. If you are doing your own road trip through Tennessee I highly recommend visiting the winery, tasting the wines, and having a “fun stop” of your own.

So later this evening we are going to open one of the bottles of wine and sip to the sunset here in Houston. I hope you are sipping something delicious this evening too.

Sonehaus Wine Awards Happy Sipping,
Lady Sweet Tea
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3 Responses to Stonehaus Winery

  1. Wish I was there with you!! Drink a glass for me.

  2. Wish you were here also. But there would be a lot of very unhappy children if you ran off to Houston.


  3. Barbara says:

    Sounds like a great time! So glad that you are out and about and enjoying yourselves!

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