Struggling with My New Singleness

I was so blessed this morning when my friend Erika shared this video on Facebook that I decided to also post it here on my blog. One of the challenges after you get through the initial grieving period is the abrupt change in your status. All of a sudden you are single again in a married world.

Most likely your friends are married, the people you hang out with at church are married, your whole life was built around this concept of two. Now, you are one.

Anyway, this simple and short video was a true blessing to me this morning. I hope it blesses you as well.

David Powlison sits down and discusses how to struggle with singleness.

Such a cold morning here in San Antonio and I am grateful for several cups of hot tea to warm my day. I wish you the same.

Happy Sipping,
Lady Sweet Tea
Aging Gracefully Southern Style

Lady Sweet Tea

Lady Sweet Tea is a youngish baby boomer widow who is learning new ways of living and seeking out new adventures as she explores Aging Gracefully Southern Style.

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2 Responses to Struggling with My New Singleness

  1. Barbara says:

    No one has a “plan” for such abrupt changes in life, do they? I admire your ability to put your trust in God’s hand. I know that it cannot be easy for you. And, thank God for bringing something as simple as a video to your eyes, to make you feel a bit better on a cold day.

    And, speaking of cold….something tells me that you just are quite as frigid as us Northerners! But, a cup of tea ( or 2 or 3) can warm up anyone…..better get mine going!

    Have a great day!!

  2. We will hopefully never will get the weather you endure in the North, but a hot cup of tea warms any gray day so I hope your kettle is heating up nicely.

    And yes, abrupt changes in our lives are not planned for and take some getting used to when they happen. But God is merciful even when bad things happen in this fallen world of ours.

    Hope you have a truly blessed day today,

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